Circle of Mutuality Preview, Coaching & Q&A

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This call took place on Sunday, June 23, from 9:30-11 AM PDT. It was deeply enjoyable to share my radical understanding of Integral Spiritual Practice. I talked about many topics—the school of life, radical spiritual awakening, compassionately and opening to our tender humanness. We touched on the urgency of this evolutionary moment and the world crisis, and about how to bring gentleness and intensity to the profound business of breaking up our stuckness and limiting beliefs and patterns. We talked about how intimate work in small groups can make such a powerful difference in catalyzing real human transformation. And of course I talked specifically about the six-month community of practice that is taking place from July 2013 to January 2014.

You can stream this audio here, or to download it, just click the link below.


Circle of Mutuality

Looking forward to hearing this recording.

just saying Hi from Mexico

Yo broda / teacher Terry, just saying Hi and keeping up the integral work, thanks ¡¡¡

terrific talk

Terry -
thank you so much for this. your breadth of experience, ability to articulate complex concepts that are clearly couched in your lived experience, continues to astonish me. you're an extremely clear voice and I'm very grateful that you are doing what you're doing. thank you for calling those of us who are waking up to this evolutionary prospect of responding in joy to the changes and shifts and shapeshifting required for this stage of consciousness' evolution.

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