You don’t need to "believe" in God

You don’t need to “believe” in God. It isn’t even appropriate, really. When you think about it, it’s a little like “believing in” beauty, isn’t it? Belief is beside the point!

If you can see that you do not exist by your own creature power, and if you can begin to consider the alignment of your life with the unspeakable Source and Condition that is truly responsible for and ultimately identical to your very existence, then you can open to the Mystery at the heart of reality as your universal “Beloved”.

On that basis, it follows naturally to engage the spiritual practice of communion with that graceful Mystery, or God.

To Practice Communion Without Belief

Simply open to the Mystery. Surrender yourself to the radiant transcendental Consciousness that pervades and animates everything, everyone, and every moment. Love and receive that Mystery. If the word has positive associations for you, go ahead and call it “God”. And if that word is more complicated for you, just call it “the Mystery”. However you relate to it, it’s not about “believing” in God.

The Divine is a Presence you will come to know. That Presence is only God. If you will open yourself from the heart and surrender yourself into that all-pervading Presence, God will transform your consciousness. You will, quite naturally, begin to trust. You will begin to trust Life itself; you’ll begin to trust the process of your own life.

You will come to know God’s universal goodness, and God’s personal love for you—not as an idea, but as a fundamental grateful gladness felt at the heart.

This can be your own authentic truth, just on the basis of an intuition of the goodness and beauty of existence—all without a shred of “belief”!

Then you will gradually begin to notice the Divine living you, breathing you, and doing its work in this world through you.

[I wrote the text above by starting with a letter by Adi Da Samraj, and “freely rendering” and expanding it.]


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