Awakening Your Revolutionary Heart: Transform Angst Into Spiritual Strength, Unreasonable Happiness & the Power to Make a Difference

March 30, 2017

7 Week Training Starts Thursday, March 30, 2017


Activate a Wellspring of Personal and Political Empowerment by Accessing the Hidden Capacities of Your Heart, the Perceptive Powers of Your Mind, and the Indomitable Strength of Your Spirit. 

I invite you to join me and other "revolutionay hearts" on this timely and important 7 week journey. Learn more about the course here.

During the Awakening the Revolutionary Heart training, I'll show you how to empower yourself to make a radical shift into living from your integral heart intelligence, marrying your spiritual life with your energized engagement with life — including engaging as a citizen-participant.

During Awakening the Revolutionary Heart, you’ll:

  • Better understand how you can contribute to the larger “revolution of love”
  • Discover a ground of happiness that allows you to be an active creator in the world rather than retreating away (into silence and passivity)
  • See our moment as a spiritual initiation into a new kind of citizenship
  • Unleash the deeper intelligence of your heart
  • Develop a daily Heart Practice that activates and brings together all dimensions of your being
  • Explore how to penetrate the false, all-too-common ways of viewing current events that hemorrhage your energy, and find a grounded, no-nonsense way to take care of business
  • Discover that the deeper your sacrifice, the deeper the ground for your defiantly unreasonable happiness
  • Understand the inner work of the outer work and empower both
  • Open your heart to fundamental equanimity and freedom that can stabilize you even in the midst of discomfort, threat, pain and loss
  • Deepen your understanding of your unique gifts and purpose
  • Open up into the higher octaves of positive feeling, from peace and acceptance... to pleasure and enjoyment... to joy, ecstasy and bliss
  • Go beyond the false negation of desire to self-actualize and benefit the world
  • Receive a scientific and mystical understanding of why the heart is the source of such rich intelligence
  • Understand the pathway to an evolution of both left and right
  • Be given a practice to turn shocking news into a source of energy and empowerment
  • Understand how to calibrate your practice and activism for the long haul, so that you get stronger every day

Learn more about the course and register here