Shadow and Celebration—A Workshop with Terry Patten in Malinalco (near Mexico City)

October 13, 2017 - October 15, 2017


Hosted by Circling En Español and Práctica Integral de Vida

Shadow and Celebration with Terry Patten

Hosted by Circling En Español and Práctica Integral de Vida

Location: Ollinyotl, Calle Cerro de la Ascension, 52440 Malinalco (near Mexico City)

These are both light and dark times. 

They are scary because we are realizing that our lives are threatened by irresponsible leaders. And we fear darkness because we know our collective way of life is unsustainable, and eroding the foundations of our well-being. 

But they are light because all mankind’s greatest wisdom, from all traditions, are in conversation with all the other forms of our best intelligence. And they are bright because, from a systems perspective, conditions are ripe for miraculous emergence. 

But mostly they are bright because we are here and we’re choosing life.   

Under such circumstances, it is important to get together and say “Yes!” together, to celebrate and magnify the light, and bless one another and empower ourselves. When we are also doing that, we naturally also face the shadow, and the energy keeps flowing, instead of getting stuck. And that "conversation with the night” in turn deepens our ability to celebrate and conduct the light into life, and recognize each other as conscious light, and strengthen our bonds.

A simple way to understand the Shadow is that it is our "unlived life." They are the parts of us that we are not aware of, but which nevertheless continue to impact our way of being, our relationships and all aspects of our life. And this includes not only our "darkness" but also our most radiant light, of which we tend not to be very conscious. Knowing, facing, embracing and integrating our Shadow is a powerful way to a life of greater presence, awareness, love, connection and fulfillment.

We invite you to this profound and transformative workshop of integral practice with one of the preeminent teachers in the world-wide theme: Terry Patten

What is a comprehensive (integral?) practice retreat? integral practice is a way of developing ourselves by working with our body (exercise, movement, dance, etc), our mind (learning, talks, theory), our emotions (shadow work, connecting dynamics) and our spiritual dimensions (meditation, contemplation, yoga).

The workshop begins on Friday the 13th in the afternoon and ends on Sunday the 15th in the afternoon. Includes 2 nights of lodging and 2 days of rich and healthy food.

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