FAQs About Integral Evolutionary Coaching & Consulting

How long does a course of Integral Evolutionary Coaching or Consulting usually last?

After an initial session in which we get to know each other and determine how we want to work together, we set a coaching contract for several months of work and determine a price for the contract. Generally, a contract covers 8 session over 4 months, with ample flexibility.

How much does it cost?

I begin with an introductory exploratory session in which we clarify your topic and intentions and determine if we are a "fit" for a coaching relationship. This costs US$175. At that time we will clarify the appropriate scope, duration, and cost of your coaching contract.

Is there a minimum commitment?

Real integral evolutionary coaching provokes a profound change in your whole way of being and life. This requires work over time, which is why I generally do not coach for just one session at a time. A container of commitment makes it possible for you to traverse a meaningful arc in the trajectory of your personal growth, so you emerge truly changed from our work. This usually requires 3-6 months of work, thus our contract will reflect this minimum commitment.

What if I want a coaching or consulting relationship that deepens and lasts more than a year?

It is usually best to complete a coaching contract and take a break for a few months before engaging another contract. But it is fine for us to work together for a series of contracts that may last for more than a year. As the end of one contract period approaches, we will evaluate together whether and when it's approprite to begin a new contract.

How does coaching or consulting with Terry Patten compare to other coaching approaches?

I work in a living, professional, and intimate relationship with my clients, and so I do not merely rely on single "method" of coaching. As part of a dynamic, living relationship, our coaching sessions will have their own unique life. Nonetheless, I do draw on various frameworks and approaches in my work with clients. More than any other, I draw on an "integral evolutionary" coaching framework as described here:

Integral Evolutionary Coaching enables you to more effectively identify and work with long-standing patterns while building the ability to move in new directions. Both occur at the same time. The grip of a past way of being is loosened as it is more consciously worked with while simultaneously creating new ways of moving forward.

This produces unprecedented results in very short periods of time. This method or way of working with a client is based on the principles of Subject-Object Theory in human development; by working with a client so that they explicitly and objectively come to see her/himself, the client is able to shift quite quickly and radically into healthier, more productive, deeply satisfying, and more expanded ways of being in their life. The 'Ah Ha' moments are powerful but more poignant are the capabilities developed by clients to shift long-standing patterns that have felt immovable.

Integral Evolutionary Coaches use Integral Theory to gain insight into how their clients see, take action, and check for results. We "look through each of the lenses" provided by Ken Wilber's Integral theory—quadrants, levels, lines, states and types.

Together, they show us an "AQAL Constellation," which serves as a road map for building new capabilities.

How can I get started?

Please fill out the questionnaire to get started. Once I get a chance to review your questionnaire, I will get in touch with you to discuss next steps. Because I am often traveling, please allow 1-2 weeks for a response, however, in many cases a response will come sooner. (You may hear from my assistant Rebecca before you hear from me, depending on my schedule.)