Integral Life Practice

ILP_imageAt the core of The Integral Heart is the notion that we can cultivate our awareness and care in each moment of life through an intelligent practice that includes body, mind, and spirit, as well as working with the psychological shadow. An Integral Life Practice can help us grow into higher stages of consciousness and awaken into deeper states of consciousness, all the while encouraging our holistic health and sense of moral responsibility. Integral practices might include meditation, weightlifting, yoga, tai chi, journaling, dreamwork, or any of countless other possibilities. The Integral map helps us create a balanced and effective overall practice for wherever we may happen to be in our lives.

Though the idea of Integral Life Practice (or "ILP" for short) might seem like "work"– well, it is! But so what? It's work on ourselves; it's work that makes us better, or simply better able to be who we naturally are. Those who are new to the adventure of spiritual practice will find a fullness, elegance, and 21st-century feel to ILP. Those who are already experienced practitioners will appreciate the way it embraces and contextualizes all of the many practices out there—East and West, traditional and modern—while opening up a wider horizon of growth and awakening.

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