Video—the secret to why you are right here, right now: the ancient Greek story of the daemon

How do you come to know the narrative thrust and arc of your life? A visioning process must enact itself. In Integral Soul Work, you drop down into whatever it is that glows in your bone marrow, and ask from the heart, and from the very bottom of your being, for help to align you to your Soul, to help you learn to hear its voice. Knowing that you cannot come to know its unique contours simply via awakening as nondual open intelligence recognizing everything that arises as itself (as important as that is), you begin to feel into the pulse of the sap that rises through your body and soul.

Our souls are the deepest part of our unique character and hold the secrets to why we have been drawn right here right now. Yet these unknowns are only revealed to us on "soul time" and only to the patient, watchful heart. 

In this brief video, Terry describes the ancient Greek story of the daemon, or unique soul nature, and Socrates’s teaching that it is through the cultivation of virtue and the development of our character that we can transcend our “spindle destiny” and let our daemon guide us to our true destiny and full soul expression.



Greek "Myth"

Questioning all imitations, inc time, death, karma, etc.,etc.,

lost in usa need to find my

lost in usa need to find my self

I could not understand a crucial word: "luckasis? "

this is one of the most crucial subjects for the new: asian east and western civilization integration

The word "luckasis"? could not understand... could you write it down, then I can look it up


Hi there Astrid, the word is "Lachesis," from Greek myth. She is one of the three fates, the drawer of lots.  


Thank you Terry for this clarification. It was very helpful

Gurdiejeff said: it is nesessary for the western seeker, to be good at any quality, whatsoever: could be houseceeping, could be cooking, simple things: but one quality should be known, specialized and developped. This relation of not only: relation of meditative practice with "life" but with a particular quality to unfold the subjective quality seems to be what you are pointing at? And the base for the western wya outside the monastery.

Nice video explaining

Nice video explaining some/many secrets of the deepest part of any unique characters which is the soul. Thanks for the best one.

Soul and ILP

With Soul and soul work being the favorite focus of my hearts attention, I personally love this combination, integration and weaving of the integral work with soul work. What joy to see you speaking about this, exploring this, and bringing it forward for us to work and play with.

Greek story of the daemon

I enjoyed this...nicely done, useful description of the greek myth, and how that pertains to our soul journey. Thank you!

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