Universal spirit and our unique soul journeys

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A brief clip where Terry explores the spiritually rich tension between the two practices which are fundamental to creating a more beautiful, sustainable future — a universal spiritual practice, and our unique personal soul journey.


The practice: Universal vs. Soul work

I thought this was good but wanted
To hear more. I am part of a spiritual community that follows
the teachings of Dr. Ernest Holmes - Science of Mind.
That teaches we are all of the one Universal God/Spirit. When we divide the two practices, we then recognized 2 - the duality of man. I believe
That the Universal and Soul work are 2 of the same. My question is to whom is it an ordeal.? The human mind or the God mind?

Universal vs Soul work

I was a member of the South African branch of The Science of Mind Society for many years, starting in 1965, and essentially they put me on my current trajectory.To answer your question according to what I have learned, it can never be an ordeal to the God mind.So the ordeal is felt at the Human level

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