Evolutionary Coaching & Consulting

Integral Guidance for Living Your Fullest Life

The smartest, most self-actualized, and successful people I know share one essential nugget of wisdom: they don’t go at it all alone.

Perhaps you’ve found yourself at a crossroads in your life journey, wondering which path to take.  Maybe you’ve worked diligently on yourself, through research, workshops, and practice — yet you can’t deny that feeling that there’s more to life than this. Or perhaps you sense hidden gifts, qualities, and intelligence deep within, longing to break free.

I offer one-on-one coaching to support people like you in living the fullest, richest, most awakened life possible.

A Sacred Friendship

Our coaching relationship is designed to facilitate your greatness, empower you to navigate turbulent times, and deepen your connection with the awesome mystery of this precious life.

Unlike a therapist or spiritual teacher, my role as a coach is that of an experienced peer, a skilled generalist, and a supportive, trusted partner. I’m first and foremost a skilled listener: the quality of my presence welcomes your whole self, from warts to halos, worries to dreams.

Our uniquely integrated work together invites you to:

  • Focus on your self-actualization as vehicle for transformation.
  • Infuse skilled mindfulness to every area of your life, from career to relationships, wellness to spiritual awakening.
  • Discover and cultivate the skills and wisdom already deep within you.
  • Recognize your habitual patterns of perception and action — and how they serve and limit you.
  • Enjoy the “momentous leap” to higher tiers of human development.
  • Simultaneously honor and transcend the aspirations of your ego.
  • Serve the highest good, both for your individual self and the greater whole.
  • Attune every level of your being: body, mind, emotions, shadow, and spirit.

How Does it All Work?

We start by coming into deep, heart-based alignment: I’m most compassionately curious about seeing the world through your eyes! We go beneath the surface thoughts and symptoms to the heart of the matter.

After a period of reflection, I offer you a path of practice toward a new way of being.  This includes insightful re-orientations, resources, and practical steps you can implement right away.

Over the course of our coaching relationship, we walk together on this path, dancing the hard, joyful dance of growth and awakening. We shift, re-focus, and refine practices to help you strengthen the capacities needed to embody your deepest intentions. We welcome new, emerging aspects of yourself as you life with ever deepening fullness.

Discover the power of Integral Evolutionary Coaching

Thanks to the work of Ken Wilber and other visionaries and luminaries, we now have access to the most comprehensive map of reality ever constructed. It’s coaching that’s as multifaceted as you, and as elegant as essential truth.

My coaching is grounded in this emerging framework, and informed by multiple methods, techniques, and schools. I’ve completed formal training with Integral Coaching Canada, served as faculty member in the Integral Executive Leadership programs at Notre Dame University, and successfully guided hundreds of people through transformative work.

What is Evolutionary Coaching & Consulting

Sometimes people are interested not so much in personal transformation but in individualized help in manifesting an integral or evolutionary project or initiative. Sometimes they are interested in getting the benefit of mature embodied reflection and practical support in manifesting their project. In these cases, the work is better described as "Consulting" rather than "Coaching". Please use the same coaching and consulting questionnaire in either case.     

Is this for Me?

This profoundly creative coaching process is suitable for people of all life stages, backgrounds, fields, and passions. If you’re committed to your own development and ready to take a leading role in your own evolution, this is for you. If you’re interested in becoming a colleague, walking the talk, and bringing forward an Integral Revolution, I’d be honored to support you, as your coach or conultant.

I have a strictly limited number of spots available for one-on-one coaching. We ground our coaching relationship in a contract, which usually lasts from 4 to 12 months.

For a limited time, I’m offering discounted 1-hour introductory conversations for $175. We’ll meet by phone or Skype, get to know each other, and assess whether the sacred relationship of coach and client is a good fit for us both at this time. I invite you to consider this opportunity with a full heart and clear mind, and consider the very best course of action for your unique path.

Please fill out the questionnaire to schedule your introductory conversation.