Integral Practice at the Edge of History with Terry Patten on Integral Live Web Radio

February 24, 2018
Integral Practice at the Edge of History 

Integral life practice is not a static formula, but a living, breathing relationship to life. As practitioners, we bring
awareness and intention to every moment — from the simplest and most personal to the most complex and public. 
We integrate all the dimensions of practice too — awakening as transcendental awareness while realizing our soul’s unique purpose — doing mutual practice with friends while becoming effective agents of social change — resting in radical trust of life while facing all the dimensions of humanity’s daunting evolutionary predicament. 
One of the main ways we do that is by deepening into big questions, the koans that are given to us by life. An integral practitioner is thereby learning...
  • To live with sanity and give our unique gifts to the world
  • To navigate the whitewater of these hair raising times in a way that reasserts wholeness and sanity
  • How can we unite the inner work and the outer work? (That is — liberate our own consciousness and relationships while we effectively address our “wicked” ecological and cultural predicament? 
Each month, Terry Patten will be appearing on Integral Live Web Radio, often in conversation with other integral thought-leaders, to explore the multidimensional wonder that it is to truly “be the change” we all want to see in our world.