Integral Life Practice

ILP womanIntegral Life Practice (or ILP) is a system of personal and spiritual evolution developed by Ken Wilber and his colleagues at Integral Institute. It combines the most effective, time-tested practices from the ancient spiritual traditions with the most powerful practices and principles discovered and validated by modern science. The result is an extremely efficient way to wake up.

ILP is a state-of-the-art framework for effectively channeling your natural urge to grow in awareness, presence, and care. It also serves as a blueprint for living a more happy, conscious, and fulfilled life. The various ILP offerings include detailed instruction in the four “core modules” of Integral practice: Body, Mind, Spirit, and Shadow. They also include guidance in other important areas such as Ethics, Sex, Emotions, and Work. Some of the specific and unique practices taught by ILP include:

  • Integral Meditation – a profound form of spiritual practice that works with 1st-person (”I” and “me”), 2nd-person (”You” and “We”) and 3rd-person (”It” and “Its”) dimensions of your being.
  • The 3-Body Workout – a daily bodily practice that integrates strength training (physical body), energy practice (subtle body), and resting in pure awareness (causal body).
  • The 3-2-1 Shadow-Work Process – a quick, powerful, and versatile technique for revealing– and integrating– hidden or “shadow” aspects of yourself.
  • The AQAL Integral Framework – widely regarded as the most comprehensive map of human awareness available.
  • Along with many other traditional and leading-edge practices, all held within an inclusive—or Integral—framework…

Integral Life Practice Starter Kit

Terry Patten is a member of the Integral Institute core team that developed (and continues to refine) ILP. He is a trainer at Integral Institute’s ILP workshops. He is also a featured presenter in the Integral Life Practice Starter Kit, a 5-DVD/2-CD multi-media box set. He has started and led ILP practice groups. He provides ILP-based coaching. Finally, he is a co-author of the forthcoming Integral Life Practice: A 21-st Century Blueprint for Physical Health, Emotional Balance, Mental Clarity, and Spiritual Awakening (Integral Books, 2008).



Are you interested in setting up an ILP-based coaching program with Terry? Or would you like to invite Terry to be a presenter at a workshop or conference? Please click here to contact us.

Do you want to learn more about ILP? We’re pleased offer the first two chapters of the Integral Life Practice handbook as free download on this site. These introductory chapters present the basics of ILP and answer one of the central questions for any practitioner: Why practice?

PDF iconClick here to download a 29-page PDF file containing Integral Life Practice: Chapters 1 & 2.


Are you new to Integral or AQAL? Would you like to learn more?

PDF iconClick here to download a 30-page PDF by Ken Wilber that explains the AQAL Integral Framework.

Other Integral Life Practice Resources:

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