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How grief can instruct us and ennoble our character — with Stephen Jenkinson

3:15 minutes (7.45 MB)


From a public conversation with activist, farmer & founder of

The Orphan Wisdom School, Stephen Jenkinson 

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Can we honor our soul’s longing AND the future of the living Earth? with Michael Dowd

3:56 minutes (3.61 MB)


From a public conversation with evolutionary theologian, bestselling author and evangelist for Big History 

Michael Dowd 



In this brief clip, Terry asks Michael about finding one’s unique purpose in an era of overwhelming social, ecological, and political challenges. It would be easy to dismiss such soul-searching as impractical or even self-absorbed.  And yet such seeking is inherent to the human experience.  Read more »

Be counted on the side of life—with Michael Meade

6:56 minutes (6.35 MB)


From a public conversation with storyteller and mythic thinker

Michael Meade 



 Michael Meade joined Terry on Beyond Awakening for the World is in Trouble and it Needs Your Genius.”" Read more »

Podcast: Crisis, Healing, Civic Engagement With Terry Patten [The Amiel Show]

53:25 minutes (50.32 MB)

Terry joins Amiel Handelsman for "The Amiel Show" a podcast dedicated to increasing the quality of leadership in our complex world, to discuss the outcome and aftermath of the presidential election.



In Terry's words: Read more »

Podcast—The Trump Era: Day 1 - Three integrally-informed friends attempt to face reality

49:40 minutes (45.86 MB)

On Tuesday, I was in Boulder with Diane Musho Hamilton and Jeff Salzman preparing for the Integral Living Room gathering which begins tomorrow. We'd assumed we would also be celebrating the historic election of Hillary Clinton.

Instead we found ourselves coming to terms with the victory of Donald Trump, processing our sadness, our concerns, and our hope that perhaps this could mobilize us all to live from our values in a much more powerful and direct way as practitioners and activists.

We recorded a conversation of our process to share with you, in case it might help you make sense of things as well. Some of the questions we considered were: Read more »

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A Perfect Intro to Integral: Alex Howard of Conscious2 TV's Interview of Terry in Budapest in May 2014

Alex Howard of Conscious2 TV's 28 minute interview of Terry in Budapest in May 2014. 

Interview highlights:

 1:10 – What is integral spiritual practice?

 1:46 – Life keeps giving you the same lessons until you learn them

 2:46 – The school is everywhere you look, its every breath you take

 3:48 – Doing the laundry is a meditation

 5:07 – Integral cross training

 11:15 – Hang out with people that are growing

 14:02 – The living heart, the heart of this moment, its always surprising

 16:47 – If you knew you were going to die, what would change?

 17:30 – Feminine vs masculine self-compassion

 21:00 – The scientific view is profoundly mystical

 22:14 – Sometimes we have to earn our own self-respect




The Practice of "Losing Face"

In this brief video, Terry invites you to let go of looking good and open up to freedom. Instead of pretending to have it together, celebrate when you look ridiculous! Losing face is the secret to reacquiring the totality of your being.

Living our question in a time of global change

Our amazingly wonderful and terrible times represent a profound koan, an impossible riddle that we must resolve, an infinitely deep question that undoes our mind and reconfigures our consciousness.

We are the most blessed humans in history. We are information and material-rich. We are unlocking the human genome and exploring the vastness of the cosmos.

And yet we face global challenges on an unprecedented scale — environmentally, politically, and economically.

How do we rise to meet the challenges of this time? How can we be a part of the solution? What is needed? We don’t fully know.

In this brief video, Terry suggests that by living these questions, letting them transform us individually and collectively, something new and paradigm-shifting can emerge.


The taboo against ecstasy

Part of our unspoken contract with conventional society is that there’s a certain range of how we get to be. It’s fine to be worried. It’s fine to strive. It’s fine to be depleted.

But if you break open in the spirit of freedom itself — or joy itself? That’s just weird!

There’s a taboo against ecstasy.

In this brief video, Terry suggests that breaking this taboo and daring to be love and happiness as you…is our sacred invitation in this life.

Co-creating the Buddha-Sangha

Thich Nhat Hanh famously said “the next Buddha may be a Sangha.” It’s a phrase that is repeated so often for a reason — it points to something important.

 In this brief video, Terry asks — what kind of practice is required to earn our place as a creative participant in such a community? How can we join together and go way beyond what we already know? Only that has a chance to transform our world. And yet that’s what Buddhas do. 

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"Winds of Change" in La Nacion Newspaper, featuring Terry Patten


This ariticle has been translated from Spanish to English. The article originally appeared as a cover piece for the Sunday magazine of La Nación newspaper, Argentina's leading daily, and one read widely in neighboring countries, on the subject of "Is it possible to change?"

The original article can be found here: Terry is featured in the section "Life as Classroom". Read more »

Coaching is Inherently Spiritual - Terry Patten on The Coaching Show

The free audio is now available from Terry's appearance 7/30/14 on the Coaching Show, a weekly podcast hosted by Christopher McAuliffe. Listen in and hear why coaching is inherently transformational, spiritual, and revolutionary!

You can access the audio here:

OmTimes Cover Story - Terry Patten and Beyond Awakening

OmTimes Sept 2013 Cover

OMTimes thinks it is beyond cool to have Terry Patten the cover.

Terry Patten is a pioneering innovator, advancing the evolutionary edge of spirituality. He is also a profound facilitator of intimate collective awakening, in part through his acclaimed online seminar, Beyond Awakening: The Future of Spiritual Practice. Terry is a member of Deepak Chopra’s Evolutionary Leaders group, a member of the editorial board of The Journal of Integral Theory and Practice, and serves on the board of the Wellsprings Institute for Neuroscience and Contemplative Wisdom.

OMTimes was fortunate to catch up with Terry for this fascinating interview. Read more »

Whitepaper Download: Enacting an Integral Revolution: How Can We Have Truly Radical Conversations in a Time of Global Crisis?

The paper which I presented at the 3rd annual Integral Theory Conference is something I labored for a long time to create—something that speaks directly to the question of our times. (You can download the full paper here)

You and I have been given an engraved invitation to an adventure. Its surfaces are completely obvious, and yet its deeper character is hiding in plain sight.

What’s the context? We are among the luckiest, most comfortable and most privileged people who have ever lived—really! We have unprecedented access to food, art, mystical wisdom, technologies, information, and mobility. Not only that, we have every reason to be confident in the power of progress and the resilience of evolution and human creativity. 
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