Connie Nagel

The benefits of this [Integral Spiritual Practice] course are many, but an area that is very dear and important to me, carrying through every moment of my day is the groundedness I’ve come to experience. After two knee replacements and extensive therapy I previously and literally didn’t have the experience of standing and feeling the security of the “ground always there” beneath me. Now after doing the 3-D workout these months, sometimes needing to modify things for my own body---also learned in this course through balancing the masculine and feminine energy--I now stand in tears when, near the end of the workout Terry says, “connect to the earth and the sky” Not only do I stand in awe of my grounded physical body but I experience, in that moment, the energy body and the witness or the 3-Ds, the three dimensions joined to support me and thus the tears of joy.

Connie Nagel, Milwaukee, WI