David Axel

The ISP course has helped me immensely, including by vividly clarifying for me how to make the transition from seeker to practitioner. It helped me to make ILP (both the kit and the book) more concrete, actionable and rounded, for myself. I'm inspired by the material. I love the 3D workout. My wife reports that when I do my daily practice, she notices an obvious difference in my attitude and conduct. My life coach has reported "a new glow" emanating from me. My wife much prefers my improved way of interacting with her. It's my aspiration to act in a more compassionate way - and I find that doing my daily practice helps me to more fully realize my compassionate intention. I find the 3D workout helps me to loosen up, physically; to deepen into appreciation; and to center; spiritually. I'm certain that participating in this course contributed positively to the enthusiastic reception of my leadership of an introductory, weekend retreat on ILP for the church that my family and I attend.

I found the ISP course invaluable. For me, it not only lives up to its advertising, it also exceeds what had been my high hopes and expectations. It is deep, rich, compassionate and clear. The materials are abundant and well worth reviewing and revisiting to absorb more from them, over time. The practices are enriching and revitalizing. Taking this course was like drinking from a firehose - but that means that the materials will continue to enrich, long into the future. This course does teach how to make rich, authentic, spiritual practice lifelong. Personally, I'm utterly convinced of Terry Patten's sincerity, authenticity, integrity and capability as a spiritual teacher. I'm most impressed by his respect and care for his students. I'm deeply impressed by the strength of his example - and by the openness with which he shares his human vulnerability. Fundamentally, I'm drawn to - and trust - Terry as a balanced, healthy, real and genuine teacher. I'm grateful for the course and for my opportunity to participate. The course is self-contained, and would be intelligible and valuable to those who lack prior familiarity with, for example, Ken Wilber's Integral Theory or Integral Life Practice (ILP). That said, for those interested in brilliant guidance in going forward with making the rubber meet the road with Ken Wilber's Integral Theory, and/or with the Integral Life Practice (ILP) Starter Kit and/or book, I enthusiastically recommend this course. For me, this course remains an abundant value for the money.

David Axel, Mt Prospect, IL