Loren Swift

The 3-D workout has given me a wonderful way to balance, open, connect and energize myself each morning. It has the effect of "bringing me back together" again each morning, giving me clarity and centeredness for the day. The 8 session "Lectures" have offered inspiration, insight, intellectual and spiritual adventure, clarity, support and joy. I have been deeply moved by the degree of synthesis, astuteness, broad spectrum inclusion and integration of so many paths and modalities it almost bolls me over. . . I receive it as your life's work, an opus. Grace exudes from what you have given. The guided meditations have offered the grounding and practice for living more deeply into what you share as your knowingness. I so enjoy the beauty and poignancy of their words and invitations into direct knowing. The caliber and degree of organization of the materials is quite astonishing and very heartening. The materials for each session all fit together so well, and the 8 sessions supported and built on one another in a very deliberate, thoughtful, sensible and inspiring way.

If you are serious about deepening your path, getting to the essence of who you are and how to live that more clearly, this is a certain joyful and supportive adventure into clarity and truth.

Loren Swift, Grass Valley, CA