Appreciating Our Koan

In this video from a recent TEDx event in Brazil, Terry shares the story of his life journey, from growing up on a pacifist commune, to being a student activist in the 60s and early 70s, to living as a monastic with a powerful guru, to becoming an author and teacher of Integral Spiritual Practice. It's a fantastic overview of how Terry arrived at his unique perspective as a teacher.



Terry teaches us that appreciation, thanksgiving, gladness, joy, and happiness can be synonyms. I believe this is true and extremely useful. If we want more gladness, joy, and happiness we could practice more appreciation and thanksgiving.

I am thankful that Terry is a well meaning integral apostle. He has helped to write our most wonderful masterpiece of integral life practice and leads many important integral events including our upcoming Integral Spiritual Experience. I would appreciate it is Terry would consider inviting a group of integral students there, and at all of his events, to express their thankfulness by serving some beings less fortunate than themselves as at least a small part of their practice. This sounds like a very healthy decision to me.

Perhaps Terry could also consider expressing his gratefulness towards his actual spiritual lineage, Adi Da, who in turn was initiated by Swami Muktananda, by recognizing them in his public talks.

Nice talk Terry. Thank you.

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