How grief can instruct us and ennoble our character — with Stephen Jenkinson

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From a public conversation with activist, farmer & founder of

The Orphan Wisdom School, Stephen Jenkinson 

In this brief clip, Stephen suggests that the growing epidemic of pain killers is really a coping mechanism for living in a disfigured landscape. As natural born “practitioners of beauty,” we are brutally confronted by the specter of our dying planet. Overwhelmed by that pain, we desensitize and our capacity to create and appreciate beauty withers. 

But many of us awaken from our denial. Initially, we may become paralyzed with sorrow for the damage of our “head-in-the-sand” existence.

But there is a parallel realization — a kind of “burdensome privilege” that from this moment on, we must proceed in full knowledge of our responsibility to each other and our impact on the world. Stephen says the claim that this lays upon our days is actually ennobling—“true grief”.

Such grief can become “an animator of our days” and the root of a deep gratitude for the remarkable, quixotic alchemy of being alive. 

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