The practice of Living in the Gap

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The life of practice is all about "living in the gap” between your current reality and your highest aspirations, always deepening in relation to the Mystery and the lesson of life and death. When we take a stand for a higher possibility and abide together in the questions of how that can be realized, we step into “the fast lane” of growth and insight. It’s a practice to do so without grasping reflexively for an easy or premature resolution.  In this brief clip, Terry explores the implications of these questions and of "Living in the Gap". 


Would love be connected as a

Would love be connected as a Mindful traveler.

What did he say?

I'm sorry but what new information is here? A lot of words but no information. Living in the gap - I still don't know what it means.

RE: What did he say?

If just information (new and old) helped anyone, we would all be fulfilled and peaceful. It is just guidance, you can interpret it in beneficial ways or interpret it in destructive ways, up to you.

Living in the Mysteries of Life

Good point, Terry, about living in the gap. I agree. The Koans of life are alive and well and if we "let go" to the fears and mainstream thoughts of life, we may find the true path for our life. But, it's challenging as uncertainty is hard and frightening especially if one is all alone, navigating solo, as it were, through life. That's hard,
I know! Still, it's worth considering. Surrendering to the mysteries and puzzles, riddles, Koans of life. For, there just may be a better world if we can "trust the Universe" and move forward in belief and courage. And, heart.

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