What makes an integral evolutionary hero?

When we’re at peace, deeply in touch with the fundamental okayness of existence, just resting in being, we have free attention to notice what matters. 

Then we naturally ask big questions. We have the resources to face the challenges we’d normally rather not think about. 

What could be of greater concern than ensuring a stable, sustainable, biologically diverse world for our children and grandchildren? 

This is the moral imperative of our lifetime, and I believe humanity is up to the task. But it requires a new kind of thinking and problem-solving. And a new kind of hero.  

I’d like to share a short audio clip from an Integral Living Room community call last fall where I discuss integral evolutionary activism and the new kind of heroism it implies. This stage of activism sees our outer work fueled by holistic inner work. We’re empowered to creatively harness in-the-system, against-the-system, and around-the-system approaches.

I invite you to access the audio here. The call took place shortly after the Las Vegas shootings, and you’ll hear me reference the heroes of that tragic day. 

To our evolution, 


PS: My book A New Republic of the Heart: An Ethos for Revolutionaries, will be released March 6th, but it's available now for preorder from Barnes and NobleAmazon, or your local independent bookseller.


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